Homework IV (submit by 23.11.2020 at 12:00)

Opened: 금요일, 20 11월 2020, 12:00 오전
Due: 월요일, 23 11월 2020, 12:00 오후

Prerequisite: Visit Shodan Web page and create an academic account (use your FRI student/employee e-mail). Deadline 23.11.2020 at 12:00

1.Search for organization „University of Ljubljana“ limited to geographical location of Slovenia. List all information that you can gather from the results. Use filters (LINK).
Example search: city:“Ljubljana“ os:“Windows“

2.(1) Search for servers vulnerable to Heartbleed that are running on AWS. Heartbleed CVE: CVE-2014-0160. (2) Find a vulnerability that intrigues you from the Shodan API JSON result (from year 2018 till today) or simply search it on CVE Web page. Use at least one additional filter to narrow your result.
Example search: vuln:"CVE-2014-0160" country:it

3.Find interesting results at non urban location in Slovenia or abroad (e.g. IoT devices on public roads). List them based on the IoT device type (e.g. camera, X sensor,..) if you are able to categorize them. For the task help yourself with Shodan map engine: https://maps.shodan.io and a short walkthrough.

Observe ethics. No active attacks!