The theoretical content refers to: the basics of general chess theory and terminology; aspects of chess; the significance of chess in developing the excellence of thinking and personality; historical view and development of chess; the idea and importance of introducing chess into the educational system; chess as a research domain; specific development and formative goals; teacher as chess instructor; pedagogical-psychological aspect of chess lessons.

The practical content refers to: basics of chess; elements and rules of chess; competitive chess games; chess notation; the value of chess pieces; endgames in chess; basic endgames (checkmating, pawn promotion); openings in chess; calculating development tempos; the basics of strategy and planning in chess; the basics of tactics and combinatorics chess; assessment of chess positions; use of a computer analyser; variants of chess; specific methodological and didactic recommendations for the implementation of the curriculum; training the teacher to organize chess lessons and strengthen his professional competences.