Mobile and Wireless Computing Journal Club is envisioned as an informal discussion venue for advanced students and researchers interested in topics related to mobile computing, mobile sensing, wireless transmission, software-defined radio and related research areas. The journal club is envisioned as a democratic discussion space on selected topics. To steer the discussion, the club moderator will, in agreement with the group, propose topics that will be covered in the meetings. These will often be seminal and recent cutting-edge research papers, but also code/concept demos, and similar. Participants are requested to prepare for the meetings, i.e. by reading assigned papers, and to actively participate in the discussion. To support the discussion and keep track of the ideas, the group will use online tools on Ucilnica for collaborative note taking, online discussions, etc. The meetings will be held monthly.

NOTE: This is not an official FRI course, no ECTS credits are associated with it, and the participation is fully voluntary.